5 Twitter Accounts & Posts on Women Empowerment to Check Before #PowerShiftForum

November 7, 2015

By Ryan Erenhouse

In a few days, leaders from around the world will gather in Oxford, England for the Power Shift Forum for Women in the World Economy, or #PowerShiftForum as it is referred to on social channels.

The discussions and focus of the event will be on how market forces constrain women, from the gender segregation of industries to the issue of personal safety in the marketplace to legal frameworks and more.

The issue of gender equality is widely recognized as a critical step in global development – in fact it is #5 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (or Global Goals) recently adopted by the United Nations.

Whether or not you will be at the event, your voice, ideas and engagement are welcome.  Join the conversation in the Power Shift LinkedIn group.  Tweet using the #PowerShiftForum or #WomensEconomy hashtags.  We want to hear from you.

If you are new to the issue, here’s a list of 5 Twitter accounts to follow and 5 articles by speakers at Power Shift to give you a taste of what will be discussed.

Happy reading—and be sure to check back on the Center site as we continue to bring insights and perspectives to light.

5 Twitter Accounts to Follow:

  1. @sevisimavi (Sevi Simavi)L The CEO of the Cherie Blair Foundation brings a wealth of experience in international development and passion for women’s economic empowerment.
  2. @MelanneVerveer (Melanne Verveer): The director for the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security and co-author of “Fast Forward” is a leading voice on women’s role in the global economy.
  3. @Nailachow (Naila Chowdhury): Brings a focus on women’s health and economic empowerment through modern information and communications technologies.
  4. @DCtweetBounce (Donnetta Campbell): A social media innovator for the “digital influencer” age,this feed provides a unique social media architecture and methodology for surfacing content and stories around women empowerment.
  5. @UN_Women (UN Women): The official United Nations entity for gender equality & women’s empowerment and a great resource for the latest data, trends and insights.

5 Pieces to Read: 

  1. Women and Markets: Power Shift Toward Inclusion by Linda Scott (@ProfLindaScott), DP World Chair for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom.
  2. Empowering Women in Business Means Empowering Men as Caregivers by Josh Levs (@JoshLevs), former reporter with NPR and CNN and author of “All In”
  3. Women-Owned Must Mean Women-Controlled by Maggie Berry (@Maggie_Berry), Executive Director for WEConnect International in Europe
  4. Equality Ethel Finds Her Power by Amy Willard Cross (@amy2pt0), founder of the new BuyUp Index app
  5. For the World’s Poorest Women & Girls, There’s No Time to Escape Poverty  by Betsy Teutsch (@BetsyTeutsch), Author and activist

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