Toward a Less-Cash India

October 4, 2017

How fintech innovations can help small merchants realize the benefits of financial inclusion. Rambabu sells tea in India. Like most businesses in the country, Rambabu’s tea shop is small and deals in cash. He makes about 500 cups of tea …

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Using Mobile Data to Enable Financial Inclusion

June 2, 2016

Technology is allowing companies to leverage the wealth of data produced by mobile phones to facilitate lending to the un- or underbanked.  This post is published in partnership with News Deeply. A version of this article first appeared on Harvard’s Evidence …

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Modelo Perú: Corporate Collaboration Creates Inclusion

March 18, 2016

by Jeffrey Bower A groundbreaking initiative in Peru that focuses on bringing mobile financial services to those who need it most has been launched after years of development. The world’s first fully-interoperable national digital payments platform is now live.   …

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Financial Inclusion: Progress to Build on at Davos

January 17, 2016

When Davos 2016 begins, cross-sector global leaders will discuss how finance and technology can be harnessed to create inclusive growth— and reduce inequality. After a year marked by remarkable milestones in financial inclusion, what progress do we have to build …

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Design For Social Impact: 3 Best Practices for Lasting Innovation

February 2, 2016

By Michael Mori and Trevor Zimmer Two design researchers share a few ‘lessons learned’ for building financial products and services that bring real value to the underserved and the excluded.  As design strategists, we’re loath to admit that our industry’s …

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Fintech: Targeting Services for the Bottom of the Pyramid

November 24, 2015

An investor’s perspective on what makes financial inclusion startups successful. Widespread access to mobile communications, social media and big data have created new opportunities for financial technology firms – now popularly known as fintech – to deliver financial services to …

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Five Innovations Powering Public Participation in Smart Cities

September 4, 2015

By Ryan Erenhouse A key takeaway of our coverage of India’s smart cities was that people-led development is vital to realizing these cities’ potential for inclusive development. So we were thrilled, when, in response to the piece, a user tweeted …

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Bundling Services for Greater Impact

March 5, 2015

Camilla Nestor, Senior Vice President, Global Solutions, Grameen Foundation At last year’s Mobile World Congress, “usability” and “user-centered design” were the big buzz words. Mobile operators, providers and others in the Mobile for Development sessions acknowledged the importance of investing …

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What’s next for mobile finance in Africa? Q&A with Greta Bull

June 12, 2015

Greta Bull on progress in financial inclusion in Africa to date, why Tanzania matters and the prospects for greater change The story of mobile finance in Africa seems tailor-made for headlines in the age of the start-up: unencumbered by legacy …

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5 Ways Universal Financial Access Can Help People Build a Better Life

April 28, 2015

by Gloria M. Grandolini The following post was adapted from a story previously published on the world bank’s “voices: Perspectives on development” blog During the World Bank-IMF 2015 Spring Meetings, Bank Group President Jim Kim, United Nations Secretary General’s Special …

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Using New Technology to Break Traditional Barriers for Women

March 6, 2015

The Promise of Mobile Telephony Bill and Melinda Gates’ “big bet” on the potential for mobile technology to revolutionize the lives of the poor, especially women, emphasizes the promise of financial applications.  In developing countries, the poor store value in …

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Exploring Indonesia’s Mobile Banking Opportunity

March 3, 2015

Few emerging industries generate equal buzz in both the international development community and private sector. Yet mobile financial services (MFS) have the potential to expand the market to hundreds of millions of new consumers, while promising to drive economic growth …

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