Global Economic Outlook: Failing Policies, Rising Uncertainty, and Inclusive Growth

April 19, 2016

by Yuwa Hedrick-Wong Our Chief Economist responds to the IMF’s 2016 World Economic Outlook, and calls on policymakers to act on inclusive growth to turn around the global economy.  The International Monetary Fund’s newly released 2016 World Economic Outlook has …

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The Good Emerging Market Shock That’s on the Way

September 22, 2015

The coming boom in middle-class consumption in key emerging markets can create new opportunities for growth and employment around the globe By Yuwa Hedrick-Wong If you’ve been paying attention to any news about the economy in the past few weeks, …

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Economic Development and Productivity: The Crucial Linkage of Inclusive Growth

August 12, 2015

By Yuwa Hedrick-Wong It is commonly acknowledged that poor countries are poor because they suffer from generally low level of productivity. In poor countries individuals, businesses, and even entire industries are often stuck in low productivity activities. This is due …

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Making Trade Work for the Poor in Middle East and Africa

July 20, 2015

By Yuwa Hedrick-Wong Trade diversification has been recognized as a policy priority in the Middle East and Africa region (MENA) for some time: the region needs to diversify away from its dependency on exporting oil and resources, as well as …

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Low Interest Rates’ Impact on Inclusive Growth

July 10, 2015

By Yuwa Hedrick-Wong Extremely accommodating monetary policies are in place in virtually all the high income countries as well as in increasing number of emerging markets. While aggressive policy actions by the central banks in the immediate aftermath of the …

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IMF-MIT Study Shows How Financial Inclusion Drives Economic Growth

May 15, 2015

Quantifying Macroeconomic Impacts of Financial Inclusion Yuwa Hedrick Wong Governments, businesses, and ordinary folks alike are increasingly convinced of the importance of financial inclusion. But how financial inclusion could impact on macroeconomic growth and inequality often remains ambiguous and even …

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Turning Tragedy into Synergy: Achieving Universal Financial Access

April 16, 2015

It is now 47 years since Garrett Hardin first formulated the economic argument of the “tragedy of the commons”, which has since caught the public imagination and been applied to the analysis of a wide range of phenomena from the …

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Advancing Economic Freedom for the Poor

February 10, 2015

Electronic Payments and the Inclusive Society Yuwa Hedrick-Wong Electronic payments encompass a wide range of products and services, of which the best known are payment cards, and increasingly the mobile phone as a payment device. The fact is electronic payments …

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Inclusive Growth Matters

April 25, 2014

Income inequality is considered one of the top five global risks in the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) annual Global Risks report. Structurally high unemployment and severe income disparity were described as potentially systemic in nature, ‘causing breakdowns of entire systems.’ …

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